Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Living In A State of Lace

We're just days away from the launch of the newest collaborative art journal, Vintage Lace.  I finally got inspiration for the rest of my page, and solved the problem of the too yellow lace on the back cover.

This is what my unfinished page looked like:

I added to the above, and completed the left side of the page.

Remember, my theme is accessories, and I'm calling my page A Night At The Opera, but don't confuse it with the Marx Brothers movie.  It's all about the accessories a woman might wear/bring to the opera, back in the day.  Which day, I don't know.  History isn't my strong suit.  Just call it vintage. 
I had created a pocket on the inside front cover, and wasn't sure what I'd put in it.
Inside the pocket there are now four pouches, one for each of the other participants, holding a little gift from me to them.
The inside back cover is where I'm putting the ATCs we all agreed to make for one another, coordinating with our individual themes.  I have already received two, so they are attached.  When my book returns to me I'll insert the remaining two.  What you see here are Sox's and Tracy's ATCs.
This is the back cover with the yellow lace that was bothering me.
My solution was to sew some fabric flowers I made over the lace.  (The fabric was cut with Tim Holtz's Tattered Florals die, and many layers were cut.)  A bit of the offending lace still shows, but it doesn't scream YELLOW at me.  Yes, sometimes colors do shout.  Pretty good problem solver, I think.
I finished the back of my page with (what else?) lace.  I can sew two pages together, back to back, but if the other artists finish their page backs off nicely I will bind each page as a separate signature and just enjoy the lacey backs.  That doesn't have to be decided until my book returns home to me.


Helen said...

Wow, this is just beautiful! I think you were right to (mostly) cover up that yellow lace!!

Elena said...

Wow!!!' Love it Eileen! Cant wait to see it!!! Youndidnawesome with the ywllow lace!!!!! It looks so beautiful!!! Awesome job.

Patzee said...

Your lace journal is fabulous. Your problem solving skills are amazing! No question that the glove sets the mood for a magical Night at the Opera.

Monica said...

very sweet and the pocket filers are a good idea.

goodling4 said...

Creative problem solving, and I too love the new look to the yellow lace by adding the flowers! What beautiful and inspiring journals these will be to work in, Eileen.

teri said...

What a wonderful idea, choosing an outing and it's accessories. Beautiful work, Eileen.

Dorothy said...


craftyM said...

Beautiful pages, Eileen... Gina and I were just talking tonight about what i was going to do in your book for the accessories theme and we were discussing gloves would be so fun! Great minds think alike, huh? Maybe it would be cool if we all added gloves of a different sort???? Interesting thought... we'll see what else i can come up with. Can't wait to get your book....Mine is getting there... almost done...

Lori said...

Beautiful! Love all the fabric!

Anonymous said...

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