Sunday, December 5, 2010

The 12 Tags of Christmas -- Day 5 (And Something In the Mail)

(I have settled my blog problems -- not Blogger's fault; sorry to have accused it of going nuts and sorry to have cursed at it all day yesterday.  It was Windows' fault!  And now all is good again.)

I loved doing today's tags because two of my favorite techniques were involved.  One, an old favorite, the other new to me and I'm in love with it!

First, my Tim-inspired tag.  I pretty much used all the techniques that he did, but my layout is somewhat different, and I chose a different stamp and color scheme. 

Tim showed us how to get the look of old porcelain on metal letters.  I wanted to continue the snow theme so instead of using the letters, I cut some snowflakes from thin metal and applied that technique to them.

The other cool one was using distress embossing powder on metal.  Tim made a flower on his tag.  Again, wanting to stick to my theme, I used weathered wood on foliage pieces, but put them in the center of my snowflakes so they appear to be part of them.  I think it works.  Of course for specifics, go to Tim's blog (which I find hard to believe you haven't already done.)

I had an immediate brainstorm when it came to my Wendyized tag.  This just tickles me to no end.

Before I inked the art chick I masked off the top part of her head with tape.  (When you do something like that, you have to remember to remove the tape before stamping.  Otherwise it is very very ugly.)  The Santa hat is a stamp I got ages ago from I Brake For Stamps, and holding my breath and squinting a lot, I managed to position it correctly, so it all looks like one stamp.  (OK, I admit to being very impressed with myself on this one.  I stand, I take a bow.)   I painted the brim and pom pom white, and while still wet, applied some white fluff.

The sprigs of berries are actually just branches from the tree on Wendy's Mail Art set.  I used forest moss ink and then put dots of red stickles on the berries.

I thought the metal numerals Tim used would be too large for my piece so I used the stencil type instead, and I do feel the proportion is better.

For my embossed foliage, I used four of the pieces with 2 leaves to make what I like to think looks like a poinsettia.  I embossed them with peeled paint first, then re-embossed the tips only with barn door.  I put a small flower, embossed with peeled paint, in the center and held the whole thing together with a brad, which was also embossed.

I didn't think a sentiment was necessary (and there didn't seem to be any room for one), so I left it out, along with the stylized label and the crackle paint.

Oh, and now that uploading photos is not the impossible chore it was yesterday, I want to show you all what came in the mail Friday.  The box of goodies I won on Wendy's blog, just for leaving a comment (and having the good fortune of having it selected randomly).

I opened the box and looked inside:


Yep, a very good week.


inge said...

Hello Eileen,

what a great interpretation of todays tag !

I like the green-blue colorscheme on this one. Which color did you use on the label ?

Your enameled snowflakes look good indeed ! I also like the idea that you continued on the "snowy" theme.

How do you come up with two different interpretations of this tag ??
i don't know Wendy's style enough to know how I could make one, but probably you do !

You are surely a lucky b.... !!!
You did not just win something but such a lot and such a variety !
You surely were a birthdaygirl this week ! :)

Although you can , just like me, probably buy a lot of the things you want ( sometimes with some patience to gather the money...), but it's the surprise that is so much fun.
Not knowing what might be in the box....

Since I'm participating in several things, I get a package now and then, mostly with swapped items, but the fun of opening the envelop and look what's inside makes me feel like a kid that got a present LOL

have a good week !
greetings from belgium

Jason said...

love it, ok I have my themes for the tag I started to create one almost done.

Love the Wendi tag.


Helen said...

Great tags again, I love the Tim one with the snowman. And your Wendy one is fantastic. Well done on your prize, what a haul!

Tammy D said...

For the Win awesome Eileen!

Kerry said...

Eileen, I really am in awe with your tags and it's impossible to select a favorite - every single one is a favorite for me! I love the colors you've chosen for today, especially Wendy's tag. Thanks for sharing your process and taking time to explain. Maybe one of these days I'll try one!

Vic said...

I love them both, but your Wendy tag is double terrific!

Great goodies, too!

Debby said...

Beautiful tags! I am behind due to some Christmas shopping that had to get done this weekend. But hope to catch up later. Love how you made your flower on your Wendy tag!

Fi said...

I found your blog quite a while ago and I love visiting regularly to see what you're up to. I love both your Tim and Wendy inspired tags. You are a very talented lady!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Both of your tags are just fabulous Eileen! Take another bow *smiles*

Karen said...

Wonderful tags. Love your different interpretations.
And lucky thing getting even more stash!

Shelly Hickox said...

Oooh, look at all those treats! Early Christmas for you!

I absolutely love your version of today's tag. That is one of my favorite color combinations! Your Wendy tag is very cool too.

OhSuz said...

Eileen, I LOVE the blue & green colors of your Tim tag-just gorgeous! It all turned out wonderfully! And the Wendy tag is FAB-I can see why you're delighted with it :-) Congrats on your win from Wendy-lucky duck. Have fun playing with your new stuff! Hugs, Suzie

2amscrapper said...

That second tag put a smile on my face! Congrats on the scrummy prize--perfect for your birthday week!

Nancy said...

Great, great GREAT tags! I didn't expect to be gone ALL day today, so I'll be catching up tomorrow evening.

grannypoppy said...

I love your interpretation of both tags. Really like the colours on the Tim tag!

A great birthday week for you!


SusanK said...

Love both tags but your Wendy one is undeniably the cleverest!

Stephanie Rodgers said...

That Wendy tag is too funny! Cracked me up! And, what a haul! That Wendy really knows how to give a prize! WooHoo!

Kathy Eddy said...

Great job Eileen and I love your Wendy one. It really does look like it was one stamp! What a great haul of stash! You will have some fun with that.

Lori said...

Wow! These are really, really awesome! Really love how you used the art chick, brilliant! And that box of goodies?? ZOWIE! How cool is that! Let us know when you come back down to earth after this week...

Barbara Mason said...

Was it your B'day? Happy Birthday Eileen...looks like you received a great box of gifts...I am loving your tags but I must say this on ala Vecchi is just soooo whimsical and hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

Diann said...

Another of set of wonderfully inspired tags from Tim and Wendy! I'm loving your take of doing it your way using their techniques. It is always hard to pick a favorite but I love snowmen so was really partial to this one today! The Wendy tag is just fun and I love that in your ART. I love the flower you added to the Tim snowflakes...awesome! Diann

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL tags!!! And You were a lucky ducky indeed girlie!!! What an AWESOME package!!!!!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Love your Fabulous #5 Tags!!!!

Wonderful goodies!! Congrats!!

Patzee said...

The tags are brilliant! I love your interpretation--and the Wendy tag is a WOW! As for the surprise box of goodies--well deserved! I can't wait to see those goodies pop up in future creations! Thanks again for sharing your inspiring tags.

Elaine A said...

Hi Eileen -

First - I hope you had a fabulous birthday?! I love your take on the tags. The snowman tag is just gorgeous. AND I really got a kick out of the Wendy inspired tag. Putting the santa hat on the Art Chic was just pure genius!
Wow, looking at your goodies from Wendy and all I can say is "lucky girl"!
Hopefully I can do a few Tim tags soon. Have not had a chance to play. My nephew just graduated from the Culinary Institue of America and I was busy making invites, banners, cards, etc. for the graduation party. The party was yesterday so hoping that in between making Christmas cards I get a little play time - LOL! For now, I'll keep checking out Tim, Wendy and you to keep the Holiday spirit going!!


P.S. Thanks for the congrats on Wendy's blog today. It is fun to win! Just like Christmas - LOL!