Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm Going In Circles!

Not in my life so much, but in my art for sure.  Circle stamps, circle stencils, circle punches....I'm circle crazy, I tell you.  And this all manifested itself in the pages I did in my friend Marita's Artistic Evolution journal.  That's the one where the pages are different widths and we have to evolve our pages from the ones that came before.  I'd refer you to a link on my blog, but I haven't fixed all my back posts yet, and all you'll see are those dreadful ugly icons instead of photos.  Some day.....

Anyway, the pages that came before mine were playful and full of stylized flowers, but all I saw were the circles.  Here is my two page spread, followed by the individual pages.

Using Marita's color scheme of purple, burnt orange and cream, I sprayed, I inked, I stenciled.  I added light modeling paste through one of the stencils, I added some purple netting in spots, punched circles from scraps, even used some circular rub ons.  Then I went for the circle stamps, and used black archival ink with those.  The last thing I did was add some of those little people stencils, because I just love the way they look "standing" on circles.  Oh, and I did a little bit of writing with one of my new favorite toys, the parallel pen.  That is calligraphy pen that uses india ink cartridges, and it can make anyone's handwriting look good.

Because of the varying widths of the pages, we have the opportunity to add edging that often can be seen from behind other pages or with the edges of other pages behind them.  So we really have to think about how the edges look coming and going.  Here's what I did:

I used metal rimmed paper labels, cut them in half, colored them, embossed them and punched tiny holes in them. 

I have another AE journal in the wings, along with three asian journals I received yesterday.  You know what I'll be doing tomorrow!


Patzee said...

These circles look so happy! Love the metal tags and how they were colored, too.

Sue Young said...

Wonderful pages Eileen!!!!! Great colors and textures! Love the little men too! My favorite thing is the edge... Very very creative!

Alicia said...

GREAT pages Eileen!! Love the circles and colors, but love that edge the most!!! *Hugs*

Michele said...

I love these pages!!! Colors are great and I can totally appreciate the circles - my most favorite things to doodle and journal!

inge said...

Hello Eileen,

me too I love circles and anything round ! Even my round curved body ...LOL

Love all the layers you made : I bet they are even better in real.

I find it a pity your photos on your blog are quite small, but when I clicked on them they sended me to a slightshow and full screen ! :)
It made me able to see everything better.

Bright and happy colors and great idea to let the people stand on the circles.

The edges are a great idea and find too !

lovely pages !
greetings from belgium

lee said...

Great work on these happy pages,love the circle edging and the silhuoettes,all fabulous!

goodling4 said...

Hi Eileen, Just checking back in to tell you that I also enjoyed your description of how you made all those colorful circles on Marita's page! I really enjoy reading your blog, because you add so much humor and make it fun! Good luck with all the other journals you have to work in!
XXO Gina

Lori said...

Wow! Lookit all the colors! Really fantastic, and I love what you did with the metal rimmed tags on the edge..clever! And now, I need to investigate that pen...sigh....

craftyM said...

Just discovered your blog post!

LOVE MY PAGES! More love on the sight!