Saturday, December 6, 2008

The 6th Tag of Christmas

What I love most about today's Tim Holtz tag is the new technique I learned for painting with alcohol inks. It is really so so cool. And crazy. First you make a pallette by dropping a little bit of each ink you'll use onto a plastic tray. Then (this is the crazy part) you let the inks air dry. You fill an aqua painter pen with alcohol ink blending solution instead of the usual water, and use it to pick up the desired color from the dried inks. Since the function of the blending solution is to reactivate the inks, you can now paint onto any non-porous surface. I used this technique to paint on a transparency from Paper Imagery Designs, and also to colorize some silver glitter letters. I've always loved using alcohol inks, and now I have a new technique in my arsenal. Love that! And while Tim made a tag, I took his techniques and made a card.

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Wanda H said...

Another wonderful tag, Eileen!!! I'm actually working on one myself based on Tim's Day 2 tag... should get it posted to my blog tomorrow.