Thursday, October 29, 2009

an artful voyage - club 300, a beautiful necklace, and more

About Club 300....I was seated at Table 300 for dinner.  I didn't know a soul, but I'm not shy, so I wasn't worried.  However, having been on many cruises I knew that the "wrong" people or the "wrong" waiter can go a long way to spoiling a cruise experience.
Well, the luck of the draw was with me.  We were a table full of friendly, lively, and FUNNY women, and we were also blessed with the very best waiter in Robert, and assistant in Jude.
We quickly became not a table, but a cohesive group, hence Club 300.  Stephanie from NJ is our president, and Andrea, also from NJ (yea! the east coast was represented well!), who was never without her camera, is our historian.  We also all have nicknames.  For some reason, I'm called Bronx.  Go figure.  LOL!

Stephanie, Me, Andrea and an interloper from another table behind us.  LOL!

Jude and Robert gave the BEST service and we always got extras without asking.

How could we not be a happy table with such a happy waiter?

The wait staff even provided entertainment.

These are the only table pictures I took????  I must have been too busy eating.  I have to go blog hopping and steal some more.

After dinner (remember, it's still Friday, October 16th), I raced to my cabin to change for Wendy's short class.  We used Tim's fragment charms and beautiful papers and bling to create necklaces.  I also added some idea-ology pieces in between the charms.  I really love this piece and plan to make more.

And now for something completely is Kathy who really believed in wearing her art.  In my first post about the cruise there's a picture of her at the hotel in L.A. showing off one of her altered shoes.  Here Kathy models an awesome grungepaper vest:

The voyage is almost over....sigh.....but there's still Tim's mega class and the farewell cocktail party.  So stay tuned.....


Angie Hall Haviland said...

LOVE IT...more FUN!! Kathy vest is FABULOUS!!!

Jeanne said...

I'm loving your posts, Eileen. I almost feel like I was there!

Elena said...

Your pictures and stories about the cruise make me smile. I am so happy you had so much fun. Totally worth it.

Helena said...

Love to continue to hear about "your" cruise. We had the best group in our table (we all knew each other beforehand) but we had the WORST waiter. I'll be smarter next time - I will ask to be moved to another table if the waiter is a jerk, like ours was!

Anonymous said...

HOW FUN!!!! I'm so enjoying revisiting your cruise and feel like I am there with you!! I look forward to each time you share about your cruise...I'll be sad when you reach the end!!!!

lee said...

Having a great time with you on the cruise!

Kathy2eggs said...

Wonderful post and a big thank you for showing my vest....I did have a ball making it!!!

Stephanie Rodgers said...

You just keep these posts comin'! I'm really enjoying re-living every moment! I'm hoping they continue all year until the next cruise! LOL

andizee said...

long live the 300 club!!! proud to be a founding member!!!

Tamara Putvin said...

Your cruise story are so much fun, thank you for sharing them. The necklace is fabulous and love the Kathy vest.

Wishing you abundant blessings,

Anonymous said...

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