Saturday, October 31, 2009

an artful voyage - farewell!

Saturday, October 17th -  our farewell
Oh, this week went by too quickly!  After Tim's great shadowbox class I had just enough time to drop my things off in my cabin and head to the Lotus Lounge for our farewell cocktail party and HUGE giveaways.
We couldn't believe the stack of goodies on the table that Tim was ready to give to some lucky cruisers.
Every time we shopped in the market place and spent a certain amount of money, Mario gave us tickets.  I know I did my bit for the economy by the number of red tickets I had.

Yes, there are three electric Big Shot there to be given away!  Although I did not have any of my numbers called, many of my new friends did, and the excitement in the room was tremendous.
Stephanie (aka Club 300 President), was a winner more than once.  One of the prizes was a border punch system by Tonic.  Afterwards she told me she didn't need it and wanted to give it to me.  Is that sweet or what?

Jim from ScrapMap had a giveaway too.  Someone won a spot on the 2010 Tim cruise to New England!
As we poured out of the lounge to go to dinner we each received a little suitcase.  Inside was a special stamp of the cruise logo.  Can't wait to use it in my travel journal.

Our last dinner together was the usual -- great food, fabulous service, lots of laughs.  We all exchanged emails and I hope to dine with these great ladies again in the fall of 2010.

Sunday, October 18th -  back in L.A.
I'd opted for valet checkout.  I left my bags in the hallway last night and supposedly (I guess I'm not that trusting a soul) the next time I have to deal with them will be in NYC.
I got off the ship early and easily, found my shuttle to the airport, spent some time there making phone calls and sending texts, had lunch, then took off.  Great trip home, smooth and uneventful.  I even slept a bit.  And much to my great relief and surprise, my bags DID arrive with me!
Home, unpacking, looking at all my "stuff," uploading photos, telling everyone that this was the trip of a lifetime, and then.....actually convincing one of my best art buddies to come along with me in 2010. 
Sorry it's over, but the memories and the things I learned will stay with me forever.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing this artful voyage with me.


Helena said...

I've loved reading Your cruise reportage. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed to see you in the fall in New England. (I have 3 other trips planned for next year so I'm really hoping to win a lottery!!!)


Anonymous said...

Have absolutely enjoyed your trip blog. Made me jealous, made me envious, made me sign up for next year!

Wanda H said...

Eileen, I've read each of your posts about the cruise and thoroughly enjoyed living it through you!!!!

Alison said...

Eileen, I have enjoyed reliving our adventure through your eyes. We did have so much fun. TFS

lee said...

Ahh it's always good to get home.
Best part is we will all benefit from all the stuff you got and learnt,looking forward to your fantastic art!

Barbara Kirk said...

Great job Eileen. Really enjoyed your posts. So glad you were able to go!


Sarah W said...

The voyage you have shared with us has been wonderful, almost like we could be there with you but aren't. Brilliant. Will miss the journey.

ginag said...

So Eileen, you won't believe it and I know Marita is going to email you, too....but we met someone today, Michelle that met you on the trip!! Right here in Hillsboro, Oregon. We were crafting at the same place! Unbelieveable, what a small world.
She thinks you are fabulous! (we knew that!)
Gina G

Anonymous said...

OH Eileen I have absolutely enjoyed your cruise with you and I'm rather sad that it's over too!!! I cant wait to share in your next cruise with you!!!

Stephanie Rodgers said...

Fantastic job Eileen! OK, maybe if I put it in writing ... I'm committing myself to start posting the trip on my blog tomorrow morning. There, I said it ... that means I'm gonna actually do it, right? LOL Thanks for immortalizing all our memories for us.

Francesca said...

I enjoyed reading your posts about the cruise, and It was a pleasure meeting you :-))


Sherry Goodloe said...

I don't want it to end! :-( I have held back on doing my last cruise blog posts for that very reason. I guess at some point I have to just say, "Sherry, face it girl, the trip is over". eeeeeeeee

But like YOU, the memories will stay with me forever!

It was so nice meeting you and since I'm a "follower", I won't say goodbye - just "see you on-line!" xoxo