Friday, October 23, 2009

an artful voyage - day 2 at sea

Tuesday, October 13th
We were supposed to be in Cabo San Lucas today, but a tropical storm has changed our itinerary.  So, today is a sea day, which means my group has Wendy's mega class, 8:30am-12:00 noon.
We made inspiration boards.  The top half is for decoration, the bottom is cork for hanging whatever we need to look at to move us creatively.
We covered the boards with dress pattern paper, then grungepaper flowers, leaves, and other embellishments.  We could add whatever title we wanted, so I used my blog's name:

I love it!  It's already hanging in my studio.

And now, some random shots around the ship:

The dining room where we ate every night at 6:00.  My table was #300, and what a great group of women!  By the end of the cruise we were friends, and calling ourselves Club 300.  We all exchanged email info and even have club nicknames.  For some odd reason (hah!) I'm called Bronx.  Hmmm...wonder why???

All the ship elevators have a small insert that is changed daily.  At first we all thought, "duh," but after a day or two no one knew the day of the week without looking at the elevator floor.  Can I get these for my apartment???

How cool is this?  We had the entire conference center for our group alone.  Tim's and Wendy's classrooms, the deadly-on-the-checkbook market place, and the wonderful fully stocked, always open art studio.

More later....


Elena said...

This is such a wonderful way to share your cruise with us! Thank you Eileen!

Valerie B. said...

I need one of those inserts with the day of the week and I just wish I could have gotten loose in the market place for one hour of spending time. The table of goodies you showed yesterday had me drooling all over the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

OMG.....I'm SO jealous of your cruise......I know you all had SO MUCH FUN!!! LOVE the carpet insert idea...too cute!!!!!!

Ann said...

how could you bear to come awesome!!!!
how did you keep from buying just everything?
I am so enjoying your vacation..however, I must admit that I am pea-green with envy. Love the idea of the sewing pattern paper..great idea and adds so much depth and interest without screaming "here I am" the look it gives.

Diann said...

I am having a grand time on this make me feel right there with you and I'm having a blast! I just know everyone there fell in love with you, Eileen, and treasure your friendship! Can't wait to hear more. I do love your ARTboard with the cork mat to display inspiration or your ART!

lee said...

It just gets better and better!............