Wednesday, October 28, 2009

an artful voyage - our day in Cabo San Lucas

Friday, October 16th
Learned my lesson in Puerto Vallerta yesterday, and signed up for an excursion this is called Coastal Highlights, and the main thing it has going for it is the air conditioned bus we'll travel in. 
I had a nice leisutely breakfast, read for a while, then took the tender to town at about 10am.  I don't have to meet my excursion group for another hour or so, so I have time to do a little shopping.  So far, I like Cabo waaay better than Puerto Vallerta.  Nicer stuff in the shops and the vendors aren't as aggressive.

On line to board the bus, I saw Kathy, one of my Club 300 tablemates (more about that later), and was happy to see a familiar face.  The bus was large, modern, and happily, very air conditioned.  On the way to our first stop we passed Cabo Wabo:

Sadly, a stop for some tequila was not in the tour description.  Onward to a glass blowing factory.  Pretty hot near the furnace, but I always find glass blowing to be fascinating.

Then on to a resort with some fabulous views, and a complimentary soft drink to sooth parched throats.

Next stop, the sister city of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose de Cabo.  I loved this town!  We saw some sights, and I had time to shop (found some cool Day of the Dead stuff, and the shopkeepers here were very low key), and grab a bite to eat.

Last stop, a cactus garden.  Along with several others, I opted to remain on the bus.  Don't love cacti, don't love the heat.

Good thing I shopped before and during the excursion, because we got back to Cabo just in time to take one of the last tenders back to the ship.

And saw some pretty sights along the way:

Tonight is our second "formal" dinner and afterwards Wendy's short class.  More on that later....


Elena said...

My husband and I have visited Mexico numerous times over the years and I totally get the "heat" thing. No matter how hot it is here in the Keys it never feels as hot as it does in Mexico for some reason! It really is a beautiful country.

Carol's Crafts said...

I sure am enjoying your trip with you. I have been to Mexico several times too. It's a fun place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.


Sherry Goodloe said...

and the journey continues *smiles*.

Anonymous said...

Really do enjoy your blog. Makes you feel like we are there with you.
Was in Guadalajara at the same time you were on the cruise. Know what you mean my the heat.

lee said...

Thanks for the trip to Mexico
I enjoyed the visit , it was my first time and much nicer than I expected!

Lori said...

You have just the GREATEST pics! Yeah, that heat was something else. But it did not lessen my enthusiasm for the trip, that's for sure! Good job!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Thanks again for sharing your adventure!! Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! How FUN to see the glass blowing...that has always fascinated me.

Nancy said...

I signed up for that excursion, but didn't go - the heat in Mazatlan & Puerto truly wiped me out. Thank you for sharing your pictures of your time in Cabo - now I wish I'd gone! ;o)

Tamara Putvin said...

Another wonderful post of your adventure. Oh how much fun you had. I love the glass blowing pictures. Hubby and I go to a shop that is about two hours away just to watch the artist. We find it amazing.

Wishing you abundant blessings,

Helena said...

Great pics! We did a completely different excursion. But gotta post first the Puerto Vallarta photos.
So much to do, so little time...