Sunday, November 8, 2009

Road Trip!

So, the Ink Pad, Manhattan's one and only stamp store sponsors bus trips to nearby stamp expos.  I've gone on two to Massachussetts, and yesterday went on one to Long Island, a suburb of NYC (for those who didn't know that).  My partners in crime for this adventure were three of my Gotham City Stampers teammates, Pat, Laurel, and Heather.
I met Pat at the totally ridiculous hour of 6:30am, and we rode the A train together down to 14th Street, where we met  Heather and Laurel for breakfast.  Then a short walk to the Ink Pad, in the heart of Greenwich Village, where we picked up our goodie bags and waited for the bus.

Inside the tote bag were stencils, glimmer mist, charms, watch parts, stamps, a magazine, and a ton of snacks.  None of the latter are in the picture, because all are currently residing in my stomach.  Sugar rush!
We took off at about 8:45, and passed the time with drawings for even more goodies.  Pat won something, but for the life of me, can't remember what.  No worries....more drawings for prizes were promised for the return trip.
Arrived at the stamp expo about an hour later, got our hands stamped, lined up to get in.
Ah, a long and very satisfying day.  I went with the resolve that I didn't need much and wouldn't buy any stamps.  Hah!
Oh my, full sheets of NYC stamps:

And then there were the vintage images....bottles, school icons, watches....

And a full sheet of Alice in Wonderland!  For only $ still my heart!

Many of my art journal pages have had an asian feel, so how could I resist the asian images sheet?

And then a miscellaneous single stamp or two:

I needed a little bling for an upcoming jewelry class.  Just a little.

And wouldn't you know, that very same vendor had some delicious Graphic 45 paper.

Then a little from this vendor, a little from that...

I really did need that heavy duty corner rounder.  Sometimes chipboard needs round corners you know.

And would you believe there were some colors of alcohol ink that I didn't already own?

And since I had a $5 off coupon for the Outlines booth, I figured I may as well get something there (besides, the jewelry/ornaments you can make with their stuff is awesome)!

No picture, but I got some sticker paper because I learned the coolest technique for making glitter paper using lace, glitter and the previously mentioned sticker paper.  But that is really for another post.  But, very cool, very easy, and very glittery.   Said glitter is still in my hair.
We shopped, we ate lunch, we shopped, we met at the bar for a drink, we shopped, we got on the bus.  More give-aways.  I watched Heather and Laurel each win something.  Would I be the only one of the foursome not to????  No....the last round was a grab bag.  My ticket number was called, I put my hand in the bag, and pulled out:

Remember I mentioned our Ink Pad goodie bags contained stencils?  Well,  two were self explanatory:

And then, there was this one:

What the.....???   OK....whoever can tell me what this stencil is supposed to be (and your answer does not have to be documented with proof, it just has to sit right with me), will get a little something from me.  Somebody out there in blogland has to know!  BTW....we threw ideas around on the bus and no one came up with anything that seemed right.


Dorothy said...

My goodness, what fun you had!
I wanna go!!
As for the stencil...hmmm, thats a tough one. Maybe after you emboss you fold it? Let em think...

Anonymous said...

OMG....Ok....I'm OFFICIALLY jealous!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your treasures girl!!! Oh WOW I wish I would have been there with you!!!

Carol's Crafts said...

Wow girl.You got tons of neat stuff. I wish we would have stuff like that here.Sounds like you had a blast.
The stencil? Well, how about an oriental hanging lantern with candles.

Diann said...

What wonderful things you got, girl! Wish I had been on that ART journey - reminds me of the one I did go on in CT...a bus tour to 4 stamp stores. I do think the stencil is a Japanese lantern with hangies from it. Diann

Earlene said...

Good Morning Miss Eileen.

Wasn't going to buy much--LOL.

Is your stencil and Oriental Chime?

Have a Great Day

Nancy said...

I think the Japanese lantern with jewels from it. Great blog and your trip was long and fun. Nancy P.

Angie Hall Haviland said...

HOLY MOLY...I think I actually just turned GREEN!!! WOW that is a LOT of FANTABULOUS goodies!!! Enjoy!

Heidi Davenport said...

I think it's a purse...fringe on the bottom?

Lori said...

HOLY C**P! You did spend a small fortune! I've been eyeballing those Outline stamps, I can't wait to see what you make with that! All those sheets of red rubber, oh my! As far as the stencil, I have no freakin' idea. Popular opinion seems to suggest an oriental lantern of some sort. Looks like an upside down birthday cake if you ask me. Your blog is great, you are so funny!

Francesca said...

maybe it is a BBQ? Thought immediately of this..

And wow, your shopping was awesome..! I'll go to a crafts fair on saturday too!

Linda said...

What an awesome road trip! Looks like you had a blast!!! As to what your stencil is, my student assistant took one look at it and said it's a Chinese lantern. After she pointed that out, I could see it and she's probably right. However, I thought it could be a wrap around apron with hanging bling or is it a birthday cake with four candles perfectly balanced on an umbrella with a couple broken "ribs"?


Julie Ann said...

coOh my gosh!!! Look at all those goodies you get to play with!!! Awesome!!!