Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Creative Exploration to Canada & New England - Pre Cruise Fun

And that mouthful, my friends, is the official name of the 2010 Tim Holtz cruise.
But the good times began way before we even set foot on the ship.
Weeks before, my cabinmate Pat and I got together to decorate t-shirts, discuss our tiaras (yep, you heard that right), and otherwise build up the excitement.
Even before that I was busy with my ATCs and charms and some gifts.
This is the ATC I did (180 of 'em!)
 And this is the back of the ATC

 One of the charms I made for a swap

I made bags for Pat, Lori, and Elena

Every Paperqueen deserves a tiara 
(Lori and Pat made one too....you'll see more of that later on)

This is the picture that went on our t-shirts (Pat did the sketch)
I used it here on a cabin door sign.  Too bad our room was
at the end of nowhere so few people ever saw it.
Two days before the big day, Lori flew in from Illinois and stayed at my apartment.  The following day we gathered our bags and cabbed it downtown to the Hampton Inn; we met Pat there, left our luggage, and began a long day of running all over New York.  We ran into Kathy at the hotel and she came along.

 Pat, me, Kathy and Lori in front of Anthropologie in the Chelsea Market
 A window display
Inside we had an "I can make that!" moment when we saw these wire letters.
From there we went to The Ink Pad, met Teri for lunch, went back to the hotel to check in, hung out for a while, marched all over the garment district, visited Tinsel Trading, and finished the evening with a great meal at Tony di Napoli's with 20+ other cruisers,  and a walk through a beautifully lit up Times Square. 

Bernie and Elena at the restaurant

Times Square

Next......our adventures getting to New Jersey in a rainstorm, embarkation, and the fun begins on the big boat.


Francesca said...

I wish I came :-)) But I was there with my mind :-))
This year's vacation will start next week for me..hawaii here I come!

Lori said...

Love it, and this is the same thing I posted a few minutes ago! hee hee. Your pic of us in front of Anthropologie is better than mine was. Very cool. What a fun day!

Elena said...

Don't you just love reliving the trip? Me too! I LOVED the purse you gave me! Didn't take it off my shoulder until coming home yesterday!

teri said...

I love seeing all the things you made. Glad I made lunch with you girls. Looking forward to your next installment.

Helen said...

I am so pleased to read this, I can pretend I was there too. Lovely pics and your Tshirt is great.

Elaine A said...

Eileen -

Love the tiara! Any chance of us seeing the three of you wearing them, hmm? Thanks for posting the photos, its been about 8 years since I've been down to the city, nice to see them. Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip.

Elaine Allen

Tracy Evans said...

Wow can't wait to hear more, I have just visited Lori's blog and I am enjoying hearing about your travels, sounds like you had a fantastic time, friends, good company, meals, crafts, shopping, what more could a girl want. Have a great evening, Tracy Evans x

Wanda H said...

I've been anticipating your cruise posts... you do such a fabulous job of sharing all the fun and excitement!!! Some day I hope I can go on one of these cruises.

Wanda H said...

P.S. Your atch is wonderful!!!!!

Kathy Eddy said...

Oh what fun! Wish I could have been there this time.

craftyM said...

COOL! Can't wait for Chapter TWO!!! PS: Love the new haircut... very cute! Looks good on you!

Dorothy said...

You know i am gonna say that i'm jealous on every one of your posts don't you!?
Sounds like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the picture of your 4 girls @ Anthopologie! What great memories from the "pre-cruise." Maybe next year ...I can only dream of a cruise with 80 of Tim's greatest fans!
Vicki B in OP NY

SusanK said...

Man, you guys had so much fun!

Patzee said...

Yippee! I get to relive the cruise thanks to these great blog posts. In addition to traveling with a truly creative compendium of cruisers, the weather was delightfully cooperative the entire time.

Inge said...

Hello Eileen,

I'm SOOO behind in reading mails and post. I'll start with your first cruise post and try to make it to the complete cruise...

You made nice things to swap on the cruise ! I believe the preparation for this cruise was half of the fun.

I like the design for the t-shirt !

greetings from belgium