Monday, October 18, 2010

Creative Exploration to Canada & New England - Halifax

Things change in a heartbeat.  When I woke up this morning I had no idea how I'd be spending my day in Halifax.  This would be my fourth visit here.  The only thing Pat and I had decided was that we didn't need to sign up for an excursion.

Then, a call from Elena.....Bernie's father had suffered a major stroke, and they would be leaving the cruise to fly back home to Florida.  One of the things I love about Elena is how even in the middle of a personal crisis, she can think about others.  The next thing I knew, Pat and I had Elena's and Bernie's excursion tickets for the day......and not just any excursion.......the SEVEN hour tour!

**(Real time update:   although the initial prognosis was really bleak, I just heard from Elena yesterday that Bernie's dad is showing signs of improvement, and even the doctors are calling it a miracle!)**

This is Robert, our guide for the day.  Very personable and knowledgeable man....a retired high school teacher.  Why the kilt?  Well, for those amongst us who don't speak Latin, in that language, Nova Scotia means New Scotland.
Come along on our seven hour tour (now why does the theme song from Gilligan's Island pop into my head whenever I say those words?)
First stop, Victoria Public Gardens.

Then after a brief stop at the Citadel we spent an hour at the waterfront, where Pat and I had some fish 'n chips at Murphy's Pub, on their deck, where I was able to snap some good shots.

(I couldn't resist zooming in on this pin-laden cap while in the restaurant.)

The bus then left the city and our next visit was Acadian Maple Products, a small factory/gift shop where genuine maple syrup is bottled and turned into various other products.


Back on the bus (after sampling some maple peanut brittle), and we're off to Peggy's Cove, a remote and beautiful fishing village and home of Nova Scotia's most famous lighthouse.

Our last stop was Fairview Lawn Cemetery, final resting place for many victims of the Titanic.  In case you didn't know, the good people of Halifax were tireless in their rescue/recovery efforts.  There is even a museum in the city dedicated to all things Titanic.
We barely returned to the ship in time for dinner.  Quite the long day!  That night there was a chocolate buffet on the Promenade deck.  I'm sorry I have no photos to document the insanity that is several hundred people who probably only just finished dinner, jostling for position, attempting to fill two plates at one time with mountains of chocolate creations.  I witnessed a woman tripping over a blind person's cane, and I myself was very nearly decapitated by a tray of truffles.  Enough said.  Chocolate does not necessarily bring out the best in people.
Tomorrow is a day at sea.....and our next class with Tim.  Yea!


Dorothy said...

That was awesome! Thank you!

Healing Woman said...

I'm still traveling vicariously along with you on this wonderful journey.

Thanks so much for posting.

Elena said...

Halifax is beautiful!!! If I coildnnotbsee it myselfnI cant think of anything better than you and Pat enjoying it. Chocolate huh? Damn!

Elena said...

Forgive the typos! That is what happens when you text while driving!

Wanda H said...

I could handle a chocolate buffet right now, lol. Beautiful pictures!!

SusanK said...

I've been to Halifax and Peggy's Cove but our weather was rainy, etc. The sun did come out for a while at PC and I have many similar photos. TFS!

Elaine A said...

Eileen -

I am so glad that Bernie's dad is doing better. And how very generous of Elena and Bernie to give the tickets to you and Pat. Elena sounds like a real sweetheart. Loved all the photos of Nova Scotia and Halifax, just beautiful.
AND now I want chocolate!

Elaine Allen

Jana said...

Gorgeous photos. So glad that you survived the near death by chocolate experience. Sounds like it was worth the risk.

Anonymous said...

I love the composition of your photos, especially the ropes. Add another thing to your unending list of talents. Thanks for taking us along on your trip.
Vicki B in OP NY

Sherry Goodloe said...

I have a sick sense of humor, so I really got a kick out of reading that you witnessed a lady about to trip over a blind person's cane! All for the love of chocolate. Now THAT'S funny!

Stephanie Rodgers said...

I'm glad you posted so many pics from Peggy's Cove! Our excursion was cancelled due to insufficient people, and I'd heard alot about it. Glad you enjoyed your day there.

Karen said...

Despite being a Tim-free post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading that and seeing all the beautiful photos: Blue skies and saturated colours.
Last time I was in the UK we went to the Southampton Titanic museum: Very interesting but also so sad.
Glad Bernie's dad is recovering.

NANCY DARE said...

Eileen described the chocolate buffet perfectly!...LOL..I was there!...loving your recap of the cruise Eileen..Thanks!

Bethan said...

am really enjoying your cruise! seeing places that I doubt I'll ever see. Thanks for sharing your journey.....chocolate buffet..thats a new one on me!!!!

Diann said...

I so enjoyed your seven hour tour and the pictures are fantastic. I'm glad that Bernie's Dad is doing better too. Oh man, doesn't a Chocolate buffet sound too good to be true! Thanks for sharing!

Sue Young said...

Decapitated by a tray of truffles...but WHAT a way to go THAT would have been!!!LOL
You've got some wonderful artistic photos,eileen! XO Sue

Lori said...

Peggy's Cove looked wonderful, probably should have done that one. Yeah, I couldn't remember what night the chocolate fiasco was, but you described it beautifully, and not using strong words like I would have.... lol!

Linda Ledbetter said...

Gorgeous photos, Eileen, and your journal is SO much fun to read. But all I can think about now is the phrase "Chocolate Buffet."

That's the best idea I've ever heard in my entire life!

I'm so glad your friend's dad is doing better. :-)

LaStamper said...

Thx again Eileen. Loving to recapture memories while reading your wonderful posts.


Patzee said...

Eileen, your Halifax post is wonderful! And I couldn't be happier to read the good news about Bernie's dad. Elena is such a fabulous person and I'm glad to know that prayers have been answered. When people ask me why I don't particularly care for chocolate, I will happily recount your tale of the Chocolate Buffet and attempted beheading by chocolate truffles. Can't wait for the next post!