Thursday, October 14, 2010

Creative Exploration to Canada & New England - Day 2

The ship has been rocking like crazy and I'm surrounded by sick people!  Me, I'm just a little dizzy, so nothing out of the ordinary.
It's our first full day at sea and that means our first class with Tim.  There are 160 of us, so we're divided into two groups.  I'm in Group 1 along with many of my pals, and our group gets Tim first 9am. 8am Mario's shop opens.  Oh lord, save me from myself!  What is Mario's shop?  A room in the conference center (which we have all to ourselves for the duration, and consisting of:  the shop, a  classroom large enough for 80 students, and a stocked studio open 24/7) full of Tim's stamps, dies, papers, embellishments for saleas well as plenty of Ranger products.  But best of all, IMO, a table full of vintage and other unique goodies that Tim has tracked down.  That's where I did the most damage.  And how nice is it to be among people who don't think I'm insane for drooling over things like broken rulers and rusty toy cars.
I'm an early riser, so being first on line for the shop was easy.  Think I surprised some folks who showed up right after me.
Here are Mario and Jim (Mr. Scrapmap) busy tallying sales.  We received tickets for every $20 spent, which would come in very handy on the last day of the cruise (more on that later).

At last it was time to enter the classroom.  This is what my area looked like:
Everyone received a supply kit with items we'd use throughout the cruise:  glossy accents, rock candy stickles, multi-medium, white and black paint dabbers, walnut stain distress ink and a blending tool.  We also each received that pink tape runner.  And in the spirit of working greener, we each got a nice big IKEA kitchen towel to use for cleanup throughout the cruise (no paper towels in sight!)  All of these were ours to keep.  In addition, the tables had the other supplies we'd need for each class, and the class kit, which contained written directions and everything else necessary to put the project together.
When people rave about Tim's organization and attention to detail, as well as the amazing job his team does, this is what they're talking about.  
We were excited to begin, but also had time to visit with friends.
 Andrea and Stephanie, two of my table mates on the Mexico cruise,
and the heart and soul of Club 300

 That's me in the blue standing behind Gloria (ATT List Mom), Nancy and Patti.
One great reason to cruise each year.....seeing friends who live so far away.

Our first project....a journal.  Tim did this last year as well, and it is such a brilliant idea.  In this class we had time to assemble and begin to decorate the book, but we'd have the whole cruise to work on it.  When people wonder what we did in the studio during free time, well, most of us added to our travel journals.   I think I got up to Day 6, and still have lots to add, but here is my cover and some of my pages:
7 Gypsies hard covers, sticky back canvas, grungepaper, prima foliage and ideology galore
I love the fact that although our pages were bound with coils, you can't see the coils when the book is closed.  Awesome technique, Tim!  And there were so many Cinch binding machines that there was one for every three of us!  No long waiting times to use equipment on this cruise.
Tim's postcard embossing folder is actually a brown paper bag.  We attached them to the inside front cover and it is not only a nice decoration, but a useful holder for flat souvenirs.
Later on I'll add some photographs.  Since we had the use of the Cinch in the studio, I was able to punch holes in items I acquired in port and add them to the journal.

I also clipped business cards to the book.  Above you see mementos from our trip to Tinsel Trading and our fab dinner at Tony di Napoli's in NYC.

I created some additional pockets to store memorabilia from maps of the various ports.

And, in case you were is what I purchased before class:
Yes, I love those broken rulers and stocked up on them.  And could I resist a bag of frozen Charlotte heads?  No, I could not!  And down towards the right is a bottle of the brand new Perfect Pearls mist.  In kiwi.
I love this!  A huge bag of hand dyed fabric strips, perfect for finishing off tags or adding a tiny bit of color to any project.  It was a BIG bargain too.

Tomorrow, all about Portland, Maine.  I've been there before and have always enjoyed this charming coastal town.


Sarah W said...

Wonderful journal and sounds like you have had a great time. Now, seriously, were you thinking of me when you bought the KIWI?

Helen said...

Come On Eileen! (sorry! couldn't resist). Your journal already looks fantastic. I SOOOO have to win the lottery so I can come next time - ah, dream on! I bet that is only day one of your purchases too... how fantastic. Where DOES tim source broken rulers, lol! Oh, how funny (given you were writing about seasick shipmates - my word verification is - quesea!!

Healing Woman said...

I have always wondered what these art cruises were like. I'm so glad you are blogging about your trip.

I love what you have done with your journal and I look forward to reading about Portland, Maine.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the goodies you scored on!!! And your journal is AMAZING ma'am!! I LOVE it!!!

teri said...

I've loving these daily updates. Do I need to buy a cinch?

Dorothy said...

Great Eileen!!
Did you know I am living through your adventures!!??
Thanks for all the pictures and details!
I love your journal!!

Effy said...

What a fabulous adventure!! I have never been on a cruise and didn't even know there were cruises in my own fair country! Being from Canada, cruising to Halifax and NEwfoundland hardly sounds exotic, but I'd love to go to Maine!

Looks like a blast!

Kerry said...

Everything sounds absolutely wonderful. I love the journal, it looks fantastic! Can't wait to hear more!

Patzee said...

What great details! Thanks for filling in the many blanks for me! Your photos really capture the visual excitement and energy of the cruise. Tim and his crew created an atmosphere that allowed 160 crafters to focus on being creative.

andizee said...

i love how u captured different tidbits than i did...are u on facebook?? thats where i am posting my pics...

I LOVE your blog...LET"S get together this year for playdate--where do u and patsi usually go for one? maybe we can come to your state :-)

Elena said...

Oh that first night and morning were just vicious! I have NEVER gotten sick on a cruise! This time I was DYING!! I got through the first class out of determination and shame!! LOL!!! And YES Teri, you MUST buy a Cinch!!!

SusanK said...

Love being on the trip with you, even if it's after the fact!

Kathy2eggs said...

Love reading your blog as usual was so much fun!!! I'm so glad I got to spend some time with you the first day in NYC...what a blast!!

KAT said...

I'm feeling green - nope not sick - just jealous - but in a good kinda way!!! The album looks awesome and the vintage goodies - those are THE best and I love those frozen heads! I bought several of the full frozen charlettes on the cruise last year and I am still hoarding them!!! Show me more!!!

Stephanie Rodgers said...

You got a lot done on your journal! I still haven't even finished the Alaska book! lol Let's hope I can get this one done though ... yours is really inspiring me. :)

Sue Young said...

OMG!!!Too much fun Eileen!!! I love your journl tht you made...and all those goodies! LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric strips!!!Does he sell those anywhere else????
Aldo,a VERY cool thing you made for your friend!Glad to hear that she is doing well!
XO Sue

PS also love the tissue tape flowers!you're going to show me how to do that ok??

craftyM said...

PORTLAND, Maine... Gosh, if I'd known, I'd had you send a card from there beings we are in PORTLAND, Oregon, we always hear about Portland, Maine, but I've never been there... And thank you for the link to Tim's video. I watched it yesterday and looked for you, but no luck. Hope you were a big winner at the end... I'm waiting patiently to hear!

Lori said...

Way to go on that journal! I bought the Kiwi color, too, along with Turquoise. Couldn't resist. Must be great minds... I'm hoping to get the majority done this weekend! Love those fabric strips, too!

WW said...

What a great journal.
Can't wait to see your next project.

Wanda H said...

Your journal is fabulous!!! The stuff on the journal cover that looks like - I don't know - roots winding around or something... what is that????

Diann said...

I sure thought of you having a blast on your cruise & missed you! It is just the coolest thing to get the feel of your adventure and all the fun and good times! I will probably never take a cruise but what fun I've had reliving yours! Welcome back home! Diann

Angie Hall Haviland said...