Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Art Journal Updates

The collaborative art journal groups I belong to have given me some of my most pleasurable moments in the studio.  Every time I see a priority mail box outside my door I am a very happy camper.  What will I be called upon to create.....pages inspired by a color combination, by dreams,  by the life and art of Frida Kahlo, or maybe by the opulence of Marie Antoinette?

Last week brought three arrivals, and I have completed pages for two of them.
First, for Jacquie's IDIC (I Dream In Colors) journal:

Jacquie's chosen colors are blues, browns, and a touch of metal.  I did these pages right after my Lynne Perrella workshops, and you can see that Edgar was still on my mind (and apparently still on my work table).

My backgrounds were done in the gesso/collage/texture style I've learned from Lynne and love so much, and most of the images are toner copies of internet graphics.  There are also some stamped images in there.  The color....mainly from my much used and loved Portfolio water soluble oil pastels, as well as my other favorite, distress inks.

The next project was for Marita's Marie Antoinette journal.  Instead of embellishing and altering an image of Marie, I decided to do something a little different this time: 

First, a few words about the backgrounds.  They are collaged and colored with the Portfolios and distress inks, but the papers I used for the collage are almost entirely papers I've received from friends.  Many were done by my good pal Lillian, and several were done by Nancy.  I love the idea of incorporating the work of my artist friends into my own.  Thanks Lill and Nancy!
Marie and the hot air balloon were both done with free hand paper piecing, again using scraps from my friends' papers as well as bits and pieces of my own backgrounds.  There are a very few fabric and metal embellishments, but I'd say 95% of these pages were done with paper scraps.

Waiting in the wings.....Gina's gorgeous Journal of Dreams.  Hmmmm......what will my dream be?


Dorothy said...

Wow Eileen, these are great!!

Elena said...

Eileen! Both these layouts are amazing! I adore your backgrounds! Yes, these journals have enriched all our lives!

Sue Young said...

LOVE these Eileen!!!!Love the use of other people's backgrounds!!!VERY cool layouts,both of them!You are still on a high creative roll after the cruise and Lynne! XO Sue

Angie Hall Haviland said...


Lori said...

Beautiful pages, very creative as well. Love the blue greens of course, as they are my fave colors, the images you're using are wonderful. Great eye for design!

Diann said...

Eileen, your ARTwork is absolutely beautiful and I know both of these ladies will be thrilled. Your backgrounds are awesome! Diann

craftyM said...

I am GOBSMACKED!!! Love my pages and oh that gorgeous purple and blue background.. My favorite color. I just can't wait to see these pages in person! They will be unbelieveable in person, I"m sure!!! THANK YOU, my friend!

inge said...

good morning Eileen,

I still must have a look at several of your cruise blogposts and certainly of your lynn Perella workshop !

I like your blue page and you're right to use what you've learned from Lynn. It's a style I like a lot too, but I think it's really good to follow a workshop in real life with her to be able to " really let go".

The MA pages are a labour of love and time ! It's great that you used handmade/ handpainted paper from other people incorporated in your work and in your own style.

Inspiring work to see !

greetings from belgium

Patzee said...

Your pages have such a wonderful saturation of color! I am also impressed by the variety of techniques you incorporate so effectively. These journals are absolute treasures! Color my pages green with envy!

WW said...

Beautiful pieces.