Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creative Exploration to Canada & New England - A Day At Sea & Another Class

We're at sea today, slowly heading back south.  My group has the class with Tim this afternoon, from 1-5.  Everyone has been wondering what we'll be doing in this four hour workshop.  When we finally entered the classroom and saw the raw wood curio cabinet, it was very exciting.  I've wanted to do this project since the first time I saw it on Tim's blog.
Along with the cabinet we each received a bag full of various objects that could be used to fill the compartments.....some idea-ology pieces, a bird's nest with eggs, a vintage toy car, glass vials, a frozen charlotte head, and so much more.  Also, from the first class, Tim had been hinting that we should be collecting souvenirs and small trinkets in our travels around ports and even on the ship.  And of course, many of us had acquired some cool vintage pieces right in Mario's shop onboard.
We adhered paper from one of Tim's paper stacks to the inside and back of the cabinet, and wrapped the edges with tissue tape.  After that it was just a matter of arranging our objects into little vignettes within each compartment.
I finished a few areas in class, but left some empty to work on when I got home, where I knew I had some things I wanted to include to make the piece really my own.
Here is my finished curio cabinet and close-ups of each section.
With the door closed:

With the door opened:

The clock face, spinner, wooden hand and bingo piece were all
in the class kit.  At home I cut some of the fabric I'd received from 
Naomi and wrapped it around a wooden spool.  I'll always think
of my new friend from Japan when I look at it:

 The birdcage and bird were in the kit.  I added rocks I picked up
at Peggy's Cove, and the filmstrip is part of the ATC I made for

The numeral, key and chain were part of the class kit.  The background of the first
compartment is another piece of my ATC, and the compass I added at home.
The broken rulers were purchased in the shop. The little sign that says, "this is what
ART looks like," was stamped and attached with a memo pin.

The letter tile with my initial is something I had in my stash at home.  Behind it,
a bottlecap I filled with watch parts (all in the class kit) and sealed with glossy accents.
The large glass vial, charlotte head, rusty screen and twine were all in the kit as well,
but I like to think I put them together in an original way:

The nest and eggs were in the kit.  The other bits of nature were added:

In this last compartment I used the butterfly, glass vials and old
viewmaster piece from the class kit.  Inside the vials I put some sand and 
shells from Bar Harbor.  The mussel shell and sea glass were contributions
from someone in class, and there is some dried grass and more rocks
from Peggy's Cove here:

This cabinet can hang on a wall or sit on a shelf.  Tim also gave us foundations (metal feet) to attach to the bottom corners if we want, and a very cool knob for the front cover.
I absolutely LOVE this project!  And I can't wait to get some of Tim's new configurations to make more.  I can imagine doing one as a very specific and personal gift for a special person, or to commemorate a special occasion, or a seasonal one, or a heritage one with lots of old family photos, or......well, you get the idea.  The possibilities are endless.
And tomorrow......Boston, and what everyone says is the greatest scrapbook storeAbsolutely Everything.


Tammy D said...

I love this project! So super cool!

Kathy Eddy said...

Now this is a true treasure! I love how you added bits and bobs you picked up along the beach on the trip. You did a wonderful job on it!

Diann said...

I could just imagine sitting in Tim's class creating this fantastic project right along with you....how fun! And yes, this is your kind of project and I can see you creating others for special friends and for the holidays! Thanks for sharing! Diann

Dorothy said...

I would love to make one of these!
Your is so cool!!

Anonymous said...

Great project..thank you so much for taking us on your journey with you.

Wanda H said...

It is an awesome project and yours is fabulous!!!!

Elaine A said...

Eileen -

Gorgeous project! I love all the little treasures. Little bits of captured time to remind you of a wonderful, creative trip spent with great friends. PERFECT!

Elaine Allen

Scrappy Mom said...

Wow! Again another awesome project, I've got to take one of these cruises, what inspiration! Thanks for sharing this journey with us.

scrappin-scrappin said...

What a fabulous keepsake!!

andizee said...

gr8 job--love that we all got "same" stuff but every1 came out diff!!! love your blog--u do a gr8 job!

SusanK said...

Thanks for the close-ups of this really neat project! You did a bang up job of making it your own and not just like Tim's.

Lori said...

Well done! Love seeing the finished piece, you added so much that really made it personal, I love it!

Stephanie Rodgers said...

You really did made this cabinet your own. You did a wonderful job, both in making it, and in sharing your details & memories.

Goodling said...

And then with the door open....how cool is this art project and you even get metal feet for the bottom!
Sounds like your collecting also included meeting new friends, Eileen! Fabulous from start to finish. Keep blogging.

Victoria said...

Fabulous cabinet! What a great job you did.

craftyM said...

I have been doing collecting and doing printer boxes and memory boxes of some sort since I was a kid. Love them! And this one is so cool. Love the idea to use the tape on the front edges. That makes for a great finish with ease! Thanks for sharing, my friend! Marita

Sue Young said...

Wondeful wonderful wonderful!!!!!Just LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!I'm still drooling here!Sue

teri said...

It looks like you went on an expedition and saved all your treasures in an antique printer's box. So precious!

WW said...

Your project turned out so wonderful, gets me inspired to make my own.

KAT said...

Sigh... Just green with jealousy again!!! Love the box - each square tells it's own story!

Bethan said...

looks fabulous! what a great way to incorporate bits and pieces you picked up along your travels. great memory keeper.

Sherry Goodloe said...

love Love LOVE how your project turned out! xo

buglady said...

Wow, love this project. So cool to take individual objects and make it a special momento!
Aloha, Kate

jonaks said...

its a lovely treasure of your cruise!!! looks like a lot of fun!

RosC said...

I'm really enjoying this Travelogue, not to mention the creative ideas. I have a deep frame in which I'm going to create shelves for a similar project. Thanks for the stimulus.

Kathy2eggs said...

I couldn't wait until I got home to add my own stash to mine...love how you did yours....

Julie Ann said...

WOW!!! That cabinet project is awesome!! Can you purchase these cabinets to fill? I love the way you gave yours life!!